About Us

Rick Wilson, owner of Great American Roofing & Restoration, graduated from John Burroughs High school in 1974 and attended the University of Missouri Columbia with a Business Major. Since then he has been in the construction business for over 38 years, and his partner CTLG enterprises an additional 8 years. Rick alone has over 38 years of residential remodeling experience, and his partner Chris has over 8 years of extensive commercial experience nationwide, making for a great team that is more than capable of handling all your roofing needs!

Rick’s family has also been in the construction business for generations. His grandfather owned a sand and gravel business in St. Louis and was involved in countless road and building projects throughout the St. Louis area. Rick’s father owned a worldwide architectural firm called ARCHIDEAS and was the go-to design firm for Trammel Crow Company and RW Murray Construction Company worldwide.

At Great American Roofing & Restoration, our philosophy is simple: “Do the job right or don’t do it at all.” That’s how I was brought up! We treat every customer as we would want to be treated. we understand that we are working on someone’s most valuable asset, and we use only the finest materials from companies that will be around for a long time. We hire the best workforce and demand excellence. These are the core principles that have made Great American Roofing and Restoration, LLC successful!