We handle several roofing repair/replacements. Some of the most popular are:


EPDM roofing systems are a popular choice for commercial roofs that are low-slope (flat) and is used most frequently in the marketplace today.

EPDM roofing systems provide cost effectiveness and environmental benefits while also being very versatile. They also have some drawbacks such as rubber shrinkage over time, black surface creating building heat, maintenance issues. We work with rock ballasted or mechanically attached systems.

Let our expert roofing team help you decide a proper replacement or whether EPDM is the right choice for your needs. Please contact us to learn more.

EDPM rubber roof install
EDPM rubber roofing repair
EDPM rubber roof replacement
Carlisle is one of the world’s largest single ply manufacturers with reliable quality, exceptional warranties and competitively priced products. Please call us for more information.


TPO has become the most used single-ply roofing system in the United States and holds about a 36% market share in the industry. The reflectiveness of TPO helps to cool buildings and is also recyclable. TPO however has some drawbacks as well like Shrinkage, seams deteriorating over time, and expense of application. Call us to find out if TPO is the right solution for your situation.

We are experts in TPO roofing and our team provides all necessary services necessary from start to finish, including:

TPO roof repair
TPO maintenance
TPO installation


PVC is a great option for commercial facilities like airports and restaurants with chemical PVCconcerns, grease, oil and other environments that have diluted acidic effluents. Also, there is a cooling effect enjoyed by PVC roofing panels which provides energy savings in climates that are warm. PVC has been tested extensively in the industry and meets the strictest of codes in various climates.

Duro-last is leading the industry with innovative single ply PVC products. Please call us for more information.


Sometimes coating a roof is a great option to conserve capital while extending the life of an existing roof system. It is great for sealing a roof up tight again but it is a temporary solution, often designed to last 5-10 years max. There are various coatings available, so call for a consultation on which is right for your situation.